Tops Reasons to Choose Carpet Tiles

Designing the interiors of your house has endless possibilities in respect with the material needed to enhance the interior décor of the house. With the DIY based products extra flexibility and usability has been added to the designing ideas. Ask interiors designers Perth and they will suggest that in the advent to various novel options available in flooring, the choices have become really diverse. Carpet flooring is one such option available. Carpet tiles are not only trendy but also low on maintenance, durable and blend easily with the interiors of the place. The best part pertaining to their installation is that they need not to be professionally fitted and placed. The more haphazard they are placed the more attractive it looks in appearance.

There are many other advantages of using carpet tiles as these are easily replaced, in case they get shabby, damaged or stained by any chance you can replace new tiles without affecting any other tile. Furthermore, carpet tiles are very versatile; they can be laid in complicated layout rooms. These are available in numerous options, colors and patterns.

When we say that carpet tiles are easy on maintenance it means these are easy to install, clean and maintain. Blended with polished porcelain tiles Perth, carpet tiles is in trend and top the list of flooring ideas as recommended by the designers. Regular vacuuming is good to manage and maintain the longevity of the floor. They are easily replaceable without disturbing other tiles. It is easy to clean the tiles with mild detergent and scrub and on the top of everything these tiles are highly creative to experiment with. Considering the cost of the same, the installation and maintenance cost nullify each other. The tiles are extremely cost-effective and highly durable, lost lasting and stain resistant, and is all that you need to decorate and add life to your home interiors.

Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Upholstery and furniture is the life of any interior décor that enhances it appearance and brings out it character. It tells a lot about the house and all define the taste of its inhabitants. While installing appropriate upholstery, embellishments like wall cladding Perth, decorative lighting, designer flooring etc, make sure you know to take care of them. Every now and then on several occasions you can notice spots or a little wear and tear of your furniture. To take care of your upholstery’s maintenance and cleanliness is definitely challenging.

What to do with the rigid stains that you can’t get away with normal stain removers and cleaners. And what about the stains that are not visible but needs cleaning? It calls for investing in a bit more than cloth and spray. It is also important to perform timely maintenance checks by vacuuming in order to keep your furniture clean. Mold, mildew and dust particles remain unnoticed to naked eyes. Simple tips and regular attention to the furniture can help you maintain its sheen forever.

Firstly, vacuum it once in a month. If your upholstery is depreciating and losing its shine then after vacuuming it remove the dry dust off the furniture. As the dirt get wet cleaning it off would become impossible. To get rid of oily and greasy stains like butter stains a dry cleaning solvent can get your job done. Apply it a bit onto a clean, white cloth and dab without rubbing it on the affected area. Then mix a cup of warm water with one tablespoon of a mild, pH-balanced detergent on the stain. Repeat the process and you will see the difference.

To maintain a clean home it is important to have a tendency to enjoy a clean and healthy living. Your bathroom embellishments, wall hung basins Perth, bathtubs, shower area and etc are the target areas for germs to perpetuate, your upholstery may not be the only aspect that requires cleaning but it is indeed a significant one.

Is Ceramic the Right Choice for Flooring?

Using ceramic tiles for flooring is versatile architectural option. There is a lot of scope for experimentation and incorporating variety of designs and fixtures in it. The material made out of ceramic is not only stain and water resistant but also have hard protective outer covering that makes it more durable and a viable flooring option. However using ceramic has its own pros and cons. Read on to find out…


  • Water/dirt Resistant :- Glazed ceramic flooring has a protective shield on it that layers the material and evades stain and water penetration. They naturally oppose the onslaught of humid conditions and hence it is a smart choice for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Durability :- Leading providers of ceramic tiles in Perth witness huge demand of ceramic owing to its high strength and durability. Its impervious nature to water and moisture do not let the tile to weaken. A quality installation of ceramic flooring lasts up to good 10-20 years. In case cracks occur, there replacement is also not a headache.


  • Hard and Brittle :- Unlike other resilient floors, hard ceramic does not allow padding of the under-layments. This makes is unsuitable for installation in the environment where people are required to stand for long hours, sink area of kitchen, etc.
  • Heavy in weight :- Ceramics are comparatively heavy to install. This attribute makes them a little inappropriate for upper-storey installations. In case you plan to install ceramic to an upper level you need to check with structural strength of the building.
  • Cumbersome installation :- Installing ceramic is no child’s play, since they are hard and heavy and they require many mortars, grouts and tools in the process. The installation process is labor intensive and is therefore pretty expensive.

Choosing tiles in Perth or from any other place, requires good analysis of the pros and cons. Ceramic is a viable choice when it comes to durability, being experimental and resistance. Consider the above mentioned cons and pros before choosing your space’s flooring option.

What Are The Different Benefits Of Landscape Lighting?

When it comes to landscape, then plants become the center of attraction. However, lighting also has its own mystical way of lending charm and uniqueness to a landscaped area. Exterior lighting beautifies any type of landscaped area. Use of Design Lights Perth for landscaped lighting purposes will lend functional benefit and aesthetic value to the space.

A pair of professional landscape lighting can add character, beauty as well as safety to a space. For instance, a pair of Cool Lights Perth dangling from a deck can really lend a unique style and functionality to an area. Read further to know a couple of notable benefits of landscape lighting…


The most obvious reason for you to install lightings in your landscaped area is because they help in beautifying space. The lights help make your garden area become visible even during nightfall. In addition, landscaped lights help accentuate architectural features of an area. Further, outdoor lighting can lend a sense of drama to your landscaped area.


Lights for landscape are meant to increase the functionality of the space. Flood lights when get attached to an outdoor area illuminate not only landscape, but also patio and yard.  Likewise, whenever lights are attached to a deck area, they can really set the mood for late-night outdoor dinners.

A point to note

One thing, however, that has to be kept in mind while choosing landscaped lighting is safety.  The concept of safety is never kept on back burner whenever lighting for landscapes is decided. Lighting has to be done on steps of the landscaped garden area to ensure walker’s safety. Also, lights must be installed throughout the garden area carefully. While installing landscape lights, you should make sure that the shadows of plants (cast due to lights) do not obscure the view of the area.